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Orhan SA Engineering is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of boiler making, welding and related services catering for the mining and construction industries. In the field of mining, Orhan maintains and rebuilds heavy earth moving equipment, fixed plant machinery and infrastructure.

Orhan SA Engineering directs a wide range of small to large boiler making and steel fabrication jobs within its fully equipped workshop. Our specialist boilermakers are masters at providing consistent quality results and always at a reasonable cost.


If your project requires professional fabrication or welding, then look no further than Orhan SA Engineering to deliver a job of both exceptional and long lasting quality.

Orhan SA Engineering are specialists in the production and manufacturing of…

  • Diesel and Container Tanks
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Trucks
  • Tipping Bins and Tailgates
  • Excavator Boom Repairs
  • Material Resources
  • Chutes and Bins
  • Blade Skin Repairs
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Oil Tank Rebuilds
  • Water Tanks
  • Bucket Repairs
  • Crusher Frames
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Repairs and Modifications
  • Truck Frame Rebuilds

Orhan earthmoving equipment

Orhan Engineering specialises in the repair and maintenance of both small and large earthmoving machinery and equipment.

Our expert technical knowledge and support ensures minimal downtime from daily wear and tear to ensure all machinery is kept and maintained to optimal standard and can further design and build and design custom-made projects.

Orhan boilermaking & welding services

At Orhan we can assist with the design and fabrication of complex  metal components that are usually required to be made from scratch or for replacement purposes within various industry sectors as well as for maintenance. Our team can assist with the layout and development of complex metal components, and the manipulation of metal, including sheet metal, plate and pipe to produce usual components that meet your design and usage requirements.

Ohran Engineering is a proud supplier of Alco Rubber superior quality rubber components.

At Orhan we can fabricate steel, iron or copper into boilers and other small to large containers  to repair boilers and boiler systems and any module involving construction and repairing of metal products. We can assist in the assembling of structures by alignment and fit-up of sub-components for joining by welding and boiler making processes.

One of our services that is offered at Orhan SA Engineering, is engineered repairs. We can assist with restoration and equipment life extension or simply to replace specific components. We offer refurbishment of tools and mechanical components that are have been worn down by wear and tear or through ageing.

These services include fabrications, upgrades and craft augmentation.

Our team can assist with boiler making, fabrication, welding and other mechanical methods that are vital for the construction, maintenance and reliable operation of equipment and machinery in a variety of industries which include:

  • Mining and Minerals industry
  • Chemical sector
  • Transport sector
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Other engineering related industries

We have a collaborative approach with our clients to achieve and create the equipment and machinery you need.


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